ArianaMakeup is all about combining the passion and enthusiasm for creative visions with the knowledge and understanding of the face and human emotion. With ArianaMakeup, the client’s desires, needs, and perspectives are the makeup artist’s first priorities. The ability to comprehend and then convey is the core purpose and objective of this makeup company.

Professionally applying makeup is a sixth sense – it is a gut feeling, an intuition. It is knowledge. It is understanding a concept and an emotion. ~ Ariana Mayman

Makeup is more than oils and powders, more than brushes and minerals, more than just colors and shades. Makeup helps to shape perceptions, carry trends, improve self-worth, make a moment, make a scene, make a character. Makeup changes moods, enhances the features, enhances the soul. The face is not only a canvas, but a vessel – it is a platform for the arts as well as a catalyst for confidence.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before.” ~Anonymous